Blockchain powered networks

to unlock your business value

Blockchain Data – Is fundamentally transforming how value is created, captured and distributed seamlessly. This new asset class has shortened the data sharing/verification time between producers and consumers of goods and services. As advocated the future of business is dependent on the foundation of the internet of value.

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1. BelYo

India’s first-ever covid19 blockchain platform

A platform to issue clinical and vaccination test results and certificates respectively was funded by Mphasis F1 foundation as part of Covid19 challenge in association with IIIT-B. This platform would later be extended to all the diagnostic centres to issue the test results and vaccination data to issue immunity certificates respectively.

Post COVID-19 crises we aim to partner with the existing 100,000+ clinical labs in India to create their test reports and vaccination certificates on blockchain, which can be shared by the user for consultations with a time stamp to maintain individuals privacy.

2. CrediBEL

A licence based platform, where an educational institutions can create verifiable certificates on blockchain, which is co-owned with the concerned student and verified with user consent in real-time. We have successfully piloted in IIIT-B.

Blockchain digital assets created by educational institutions are collectively owned by the institute and the student. Whenever a prospective employer wants to verify they will ping your system to get the same verified for a cost and in real-time.

3. B-Roll

We are currently testing this platform with various start-ups where any employer can issue offer letter to relieving letter, which includes payslip, project endorsement, skills endorsements, certificate of appreciation, etc. which can be verified by the future employer in real-time

You no more need to wait for weeks and months to get a prospective employees verification done by spending big money and time. With B-ROLL digital assets your hiring process is faster and also you could verify your past employers for a cost and in real-time.

4. Memberships & Loyalty cards 

Managing memberships in a traditional manner has its own challenges, moving forward Government’s across the globe are emphasising on privacy. We are using a KYC compliant “Belrium” blockchain to collect and share users and members data with user consent and the option of revoking access.

Any business which has the need to maintain customers and memberships data can drive on BelShare to be privacy compliant. India would shortly launch its privacy policy based on Sri Krishna Committee report.

Privacy of users and members data are no more an option but made mandatory by various Government’s across the globe.

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